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What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is a trade name used for Oxycodone Hydrochloride and as the name suggests, it is a hydrochloride salt of the Oxycodone. OxyContin is one of those drugs which give relief to the people suffering from moderate and severe pain. In some medical conditions, the patients have to deal with immense pain which makes their life difficult since naturally pain is a constant sensation which hinders the ability of the person to carry out the normal routine of life. OxyContin or other opioid drugs in this matter tend to help the people cope with the sensation of pain for a few hours or as long as the dose of the drug works. These drugs work as a stop-gap measure for the feeling of pain though they do not provide a permanent solution to the problem. However, for patients, the use of the medication is as inevitable as without it they cannot imagine a normal life.

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What is OxyContin drug?

OxyContin is a popular opioid medicine which has been used by people for the treatment of pain related illnesses which arise due to all sorts of medical complications. Pain is an integral part of a wide range of medical conditions in the world and in the treatment of these medical conditions, some sort of pain medication is required. Opioid drugs are commonly used drugs for this purpose which are derived from the alkaloids found in the poppy plants. The Opioids work by acting on the central nervous system of the body where they activate the response of the opioid receptors namely mu-receptors, gamma-receptors etc. in order to release pain-relieving effects in the body.

Some other general interesting facts about the drug are listed as below:

  1. The drug is produced when Oxycodone solution is treated with one molar solution of the hydrochloride acid. In this way, Oxycodone hydrochloride or OxyContin is produced as a product of the reaction.
  2. It is usually made available in the market in the form of extended-release tablets which are administered by the people through oral means.
  3. OxyContin is used in the running therapy of pain and it is not recommended for occasional or need-based use.
  4. The molecular formula for Oxycontin (Oxycodone hydrochloride) is C18H22ClNO4 while the molecular weight of the molecule of the drug is 351.82 g/mol.
  5. The IUPAC name of the drug is “(5α)-14-Hydroxy-3-methoxy-17-methyl-4, 5-epoxymorphinan-6-one hydrochloride”.
  6. The drug is available in the market under various brand names such as Oxycontin, Percocet, and Oxynorm.

What are some of the popular applications of Oxycontin in our healthcare system?

Oxycontin is a popular healthcare medication which helps the people in the effective management of moderate and severe pain. The drug works by acting on the central nervous system (CNS) of the body where it affects the working of the opioid receptors to produce the intended results of the drug. It should be noted that Oxycontin is a long-term acting drug whose use for the short period of time is not recommended. We have jotted down some of the popular applications of the drug below:

  1. It helps in the long-term management of the pain which may arise due to any medical complication. The drug is most helpful when the medical complication and the pain are expected to last for a long period of time and no alternate solution is in sight.
  2. It helps the patients who are undergoing therapies which cause them a lot of pain. The patients who have to undergo chemotherapy may require a dose of the drug in order to control the pain.
  3. The drug produces soothing and sedative effects due to which it is also used for such purposes.
  4. It is also used by the people for recreational purposes since it causes a feeling of high in the body.

What is the recommended dose of Oxycontin?

The recommended dose of the drug should be determined by the medical practitioners by having a complete understanding of the age group, the intensity of the medical condition and the medical history of the patient. An overdose of OxyContin can lead to severe complications for the patients. OxyContin is available in the market in a number a dosage strengths ranging from 5mg to 80mg. It is, however, advised that at once no dose more than 40mg should be taken while the maximum dose which should be administered in a day is around 80mg.

What are the side effects associated with the dose of the drug?

There are both long and short-term acting side effects associated with the dose of OxyContin. The side effects may be both cognitive and physical in nature, and we have jotted down a list of some common side effects below:

  1. Oxycontin may cause cognitive issues such as memory loss. Forgetfulness has been reported as an issue for the users of Oxycontin.
  2. Hallucinations and visual experiences are among the cognitive side effects of Oxycontin.
  3. Addiction to the drug and the dependency of the drug are associated with the long-term use of the drug.
  4. Overdosing of the drug when can be triggered by the dependency of the drug can cause the psychosis of the drug.

What is the legal status of the drug?

Oxycontin is listed as a Scheduled drug in most jurisdictions of the world due to the tendency of it being misused by the people. The production, sale, and consumption of the drug have been without proper authorization is not allowed by the law.

Where can you buy the Oxycontin drug?

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