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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a combination drug of the amphetamine enantiomer salts’. Amphetamine exists in the form of two different enantiomers namely levoamphetamine (left-handed enantiomers) and Dextroamphetamine (Right-handed enantiomers). A combination of four different salts of these two enantiomers in their ratio of 1:3 is called the Adderall drug. It is an amphetamine, the drug is a popular stimulant of the nervous system of the body. It has euphoric effects on administration as a dose of the drug acts on the amino associated receptors to activate the release of the dopamine in the system. The activity of the drug increases the functioning and effectiveness of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine which helps in alleviating the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is popularly used for the treatment of a number of different medical conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder, narcolepsy and other related issues.

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It is a potent drug whose duration of action is long since the elimination half-life of the drug is much longer as compared to other stimulant drugs. The potency of the drug also depends upon the percentage of the two enantiomers of amphetamine present in the drug. Dextroamphetamine is more potent enantiomer of amphetamine as compared to levoamphetamine. However, some properties of levoamphetamine are superior as compared to Dextroamphetamine. The drug is available in different forms such as immediate release tablets and extended-release tablets. The immediate release tablets produce instant relief from pain conditions while the extended-release tablets provide long-term and effective relief from the pain.

Some of the interesting facts about the drug are listed as below:

  1. It has been found that the use of the drug as per the prescription does not cause any significant addition of the drug since the minor dose of the drug is administered in most cases but the use of a higher dose of the drug for a long period of time can cause severe addiction and dependency.
  2. A high dose of the drug is administered at once can cause the severe psychosis of the drug. A wide range of symptoms such as delusion and paranoia are experienced by the user during the episode of psychosis. It is also stated that 5 – 15% of patients who have suffered Adderall psychosis fail to fully recover from its repercussions.
  3. A high dose of the Adderall drug can cause neurotoxicity and the effects of the drug can prove to be damaging for the dopamine neurons.

What is the chemistry of Adderall?

The IUPAC formula of Adderall is “1-phenylpropane-2-amine” as per IUPAC while the molecular formula of the drug is C9H13N. The molecular weight of Adderall has been calculated to be ‎135.21 g/mol.

What are some of the popular uses of Adderall?

Adderall has found applications in the field of medicine due to its properties. The drug causes stimulation of high degrees of administration in certain parts of the brain. Due to this, it is also used by people for recreational purposes. We have collected a list of all the major applications of Adderall as below:

  1. Adderall is used for treating a number of the symptoms of the drug. The drug produces stimulations in certain parts of the brain whose activity is affected due to ADHD and narcolepsy.
  2. It can help people in carrying out activities which require high brain power. The drug increases the creative potential of the person.
  3. It helps people in acting up in a gathering by providing them confidence and motivational boost.

What are some of the common side effects of Adderall?

There are a lot of side effects associated with Adderall which arise due to the use of the drug by the people either for the first time or for a long period of time. The side effects can be both cognitive and physical and we have compiled a list of some of those side effects as below:

  1. The common physical side effects of the drug forced and excessive involuntary activities. The hands of the users may shake involuntary if a higher dose of the drug is administered. Similarly, other parts of the body such as eyeballs may shake as a result of the side effects of the drug.
  2. A lot of cognitive side effects may arise since the directly affects the working of the central nervous system (CNS) of the body.
  3. A lot of medical complications may arise such as vomiting and other such illnesses.
  4. The people who use the drug get addicted after the use of the drug for a long period of time. Similarly, the dependency of the drug develops as a result of the use of the drug.

Legal status of Adderall

Adderall is a popular amphetamine drug which is used by people for various medical applications but at the same time, it has the tendency to be misused by the people. Therefore, the authorities have listed the drug as a Scheduled drug in most parts of the world. Know more..

Where can you buy Adderall online?

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